Curator Reptiles

at Johannesburg Parks & Zoo
Published July 12, 2022
Location Braamfontein, South Africa
Category Management  
Job Type Full-Time  



To ensure overall smooth running of section, upholding the high standards of animal husbandry

and welfare through effective animal care, enclosure maintenance, collection management and

accurate record keeping; and to enhances zoo visitor experience


  • Diploma in nature conservation, BSc degree in Zoology or related qualification
  • Training in the handling and usage of guns (gun license preferred)
  • Course on disease identification and monitoring
  • 3-5 years’ experience within the animal care/ conservation environment specific to section
  • At least 2 years’ supervisory/ managerial experience


  • Develops and implements short and long term operational plan linked to strategy for the

collection, assisting with the formulation of the animal collection plan

  • Monitors and reviews plans on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinates the acquisition, breeding and disposition of animals in accordance with the overall

animal collection goals

  • Compiles business plans for the section
  • Directs section efforts to manage and maintain Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria

(PAAZA) accreditation

  • Develops, coordinates and/or implements breeding programs
  • Develops, implements and ensures that ongoing adherence to safety, correct and ethical

animal handling practices

  • Formulates and implements species management plans
  • Prioritizes, schedules and assigns work to zoo employees within the section
  • Coordinates interns assigned to the department to ensure that proper training and experience

is provided

  • Arranges and manages periodic safety drills
  • Participates in enclosure design and development within the section
  • Attends/chairs of relevant industrial relation committee as required
  • Develops and implements internal and external policies and ensure compliance of procedures
  • Consolidates surplus animal list and coordinates and completes animal transactions as


  • Supervises staff to ensure correct implementation, audits work, and ensures smooth running

of section

  • Ensures compliance with mandatory requirements and all applicable international and

bilateral agreements with regards to permits as well as provincial, national and international

laws relating to the acquisition, disposition, transport and keeping of animals


  • Ensures good quality of the condition, educational value and accuracy of the signage about


  • Ensures that equipment is provided to staff members by the Zoo are taken care of within the


  • Ensures all record keeping and reporting procedures are complied with
  • Ensures that high standards of animal husbandry are maintained within the section
  • Develops animal husbandry manual for section and ensures timely completion and updating
  • Manages and participates in the rearing of new-born and juvenile animals through hand and

training the staff to carry out the duties as necessary

  • Ensures that the animals in care are always content and healthy
  • Develops and updates diet sheets in conjunction with nutritionist and veterinarian
  • Ensures that keeper and animal attendants collect suitable browse for the species of animal

that is required in within allocated sections

  • Assists with veterinarian procedures and treatments when required
  • Arranges and manages capture operations and transportation of animals
  • Assists when required with any emergencies that he/she is trained to handle
  • Performs weekend, public holiday or irregular shifts as and when required
  • Adheres to policies and procedures
  • Ensures enclosures are maintained as per policies and procedures
  • Ensures that pest control is carried out in section with the pest control and hygiene officer
  • Ensures that the enclosures signage is kept clean, neat and relevant
  • Ensures enclosures are safe, secure and clean
  • Monitors if cages and animals are properly numbered and identified
  • Ensures that keepers and animal attendants conduct a daily animal census of the animals in


  • Conducts animal observation within sub-sections and audits observations recorded
  • Manages and participates in the accurate recording and completion of studbooks
  • Ensures all record keeping and reporting procedures are complied with
  • Ensures compliance with audits (Inventories, Census, ARKS, asset register etc.)
  • Collates sub-sectional reports into monthly sectional reports
  • Collates incidents reports
  • Collates work performed on special projects
  • Identify projects in line with the Zoo strategy
  • Plans and manage projects within budget
  • Allocates and supervises work of project teams
  • Ensures that the subordinates participate in conservation and research projects as required
  • Compiles business case studies and project proposals
  • Plans and executes exhibit redesign and/or renovation
  • Plans and executes new exhibit development
  • Ensures that behavioral enrichment is provided for the animals in section according to

international standards with the assistance of the enrichment officer and veterinarian

  • Directs and participates in the construction of enrichment structures, platforms and jungle


  • May provide food to animal in a manner that caters to sensory enrichment needs
  • Participates in the design of the enclosure


  • Collates necessary information for budget planning process and recommends monthly and

annual section budget to the manager

  • Implements strategic plan and operational plans in line with the budget allocation
  • Monitors section budget on an ongoing basis
  • Compiles reports on budget on a monthly basis
  • Responsible for section asset management and maintenance
  • Ensures effective cost control in section
  • Ensures effective control of assets in section
  • Participates in Zoo tender processes
  • Plans, participates and presents in educational, commercial and promotional activities when


  • Actively participates in conservation and research projects
  • Participates in public relations activities and media liaison (demonstration, newspaper articles,

TV interviews and volunteers)

  • May be asked to participate in conferences regarding specific categories of animals specific

to Johannesburg Zoo animals

  • Networks and establishes good relationships with organizations and individuals within

relevant field

  • Activities may include, but are not limited to:

o Assisting with the capturing of game

o Assisting with the capturing of escaped animals

o Assisting with the tagging of animals

o Assisting with the herding of animals

  • Assisting in the transportation process of animals
  • Ensures compliance with provincial, governmental and international laws concerning the

keeping, transporting and relocating animals

  • Adheres to national and international animal health and welfare legislation
  • Works within World Association of Zoos & Aquaria (WAZA) and Pan-African Association of

Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA) guidelines

  • Supervises day to day time and attendance of staff and escalate to managers where


  • Supervises the performance, grievance and disciplinary issues of staff, escalating to

managers where necessary

  • Manages the budget and expenditure within the sub-section
  • Ensures internal controls, processes, procedures and quality standards are adhered to by the


  • Contributes to team effectiveness and team cohesion
  • Clearly outlines expected deliverables and measures
  • Holds team members accountable for individual performance (against agreed and expected


  • Prepares for, and participates in, regular performance reviews (quarterly or as determined by

the organization)

  • Creates an enabling and supportive environment for the individual team members
  • Strives to improve cooperation and interaction between individuals in order to improve overall

performance of the team


  • Ensure reportees have individual goals and targets set in alignment with department


  • Ensure reportees are meeting expected targets
  • Discusses deliverables, measures and targets with superior
  • Actively participates and manages own performance levels by participating in regular one-onone meetings with manager to discuss progress of individual areas of accountability
  • Actively seeks coaching or advice when necessary
  • Strives to improve own knowledge as it relates to the role
  • Discusses and implements personal development plan (aligned to career path)
  • Attends agreed courses, professional development to achieve optimal job performance and

career goals

  • Ensures that stakeholders’ expectations are understood and managed through effective

communication (written and/or oral)

  • Communicates the value available within this department to support other departments and


  • Builds and maintains relationships with stakeholders
  • Recognizes the impact of engaging with stakeholders at the right level
  • Defines the formal and informal stakeholder liaison channels
  • Communicates appropriate information and status updates/reports to relevant stakeholders
  • Develops/ reviews SOPs for the Department
  • Implements and monitors JCPZ safety, health, environmental and security policies and


  • Ensures Department is in line with the SHEQ policies and procedures of JCPZ
  • Implements identified risk mitigation measures within training sessions.
  • Ensures compliance of Department through policy and procedure adherence


  • Knowledge of animal husbandry and enrichment
  • Knowledge and application of modern Zoos management principles and practices associated

with the development and maintenance of animal collections and exhibits

  • Knowledge and application of legal requirements for industry
  • Knowledge of procurement and budgeting
  • Knowledge and application of SHEQ standards and requirements
  • Knowledge of internal and external environment
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Record keeping
  • Report writing
  • Team management
  • Interpersonal Skills


  • Teamwork
  • Results driven
  • Resiliency
  • Flexible
  • Leadership
  • Creative and innovative
  • Self-driven
  • Alignment with JCPZ values


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