Rapid Impact Evaluation Consultancy

at Graça Machel Trust
Location Investment Place, Block C 10th Road Hyde Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Date Posted December 24, 2021
Category Consultancy
Job Type Full-Time



The Graça Machel Trust (GMT) was established in 2010 and is a registered non-profit Public Benefit

Organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its mission is to amplify women's movements,

influence governance, and promote their contributions and leadership in Africa's economic, social,

and political development. The mission is to amplify women's movements, influence governance,

promote women's contributions and leadership in Africa's economic, social, and political

development, and advocate for protecting children's rights and dignity. As a Pan-African institution,

the Trust has a presence in 16 countries across the African continent through its Women’s Networks

and Strategic Partnerships.

GMT’s wining aspiration is to put women and children at the centre of Africa’s development agenda

by building movements to drive transformation and the holistic development of children. Our

Women’s Economic & Social Advancement, and Child Rights Programmes use a socio-ecological model

grounded in network building and collective action. We incubate and implement demonstration

projects at the local and community level to generate the evidence and best practices that strengthen

the advocacy of national networks and other partners. GMT bolsters the institutional capacity of these

networks, and connects them to regional and continental bodies and convenings where they can

influence the political and economic agenda to prioritize African women and children’s interests. Our

work cuts across Early Childhood Development, Basic Education, child protection, nutrition, and

adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as women’s economic empowerment.

Since its inception, GMT has also sought to build the necessary institutional support systems to sustain

this work.

Overall objective of the Consultancy

GMT seeks a consulting firm to conduct a rapid impact evaluation of its work and interventions since

its inception. The overall objective of this evaluation is to interrogate whether and how the Graça

Machel Trust has delivered on its’ core mandate to build sustainable networks that have centered

women and children’s rights in Africa. The evaluation should also review the extent to which GMT has

developed and implemented the institutional systems to drive its’ mandate. The evaluation will

inform strategic and programmatic design and decision-making by providing credible empirical

evidence on the results - positive and negative - produced by GMT’s model and approach, directly or

indirectly, intended or unintended. These results should be both quantitative and qualitative. The

assignment should also explain the positive and negative impact of external factors and identify and

analyse the mechanisms that delivered the results and the extent to which these results can be

attributed to GMT interventions. Specific additional objectives of the evaluation include:

  • Validate results and impact in terms of achievements and/or weaknesses towards strategic

goals, objectives and outcomes

  • Assess the potential sustainability of results and identify strategies to replicate and scale best


  • Document lessons learned, emerging best practices, and challenges to inform the next

strategy and future work

  • Provide realistic and actionable recommendations to inform the design and implementation

of the Graça Machel Trust Strategy

  • Assess the extent to which the Graça Machel Trust’s strategic and implementation model

relates and contributes the achievement of relevant regional and global commitments such

as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 including

Agenda 2040 for Children

The evaluation will respond to the following central questions in relation to the purpose and


  • To what extent has the Graça Machel Trust built and strengthened effective networks in

women’s economic empowerment, child rights and nutrition in its’ priority implementation


  • Have these networks centered women and children’s rights and interests in their national and

regional development agendas?

  • To what extent can results, both expected and unexpected, be attributed to the interventions

of the Graça Machel Trust? What was the measurable contribution of other strategic partners

to the realisation of expected and unexpected results?

  • How can the Graça Machel Trust leverage proven practices and mechanisms to scale its

interventions' future impact?


Scope of Work

The evaluation will cover the Graça Machel Trust’s work across its 16 countries of implementation,

with a particular focus on countries with the highest programming investment.

3.1 Develop Evaluation design and protocol:

Under the overall leadership of the Graça Machel Trust Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and

Learning unit and in consultation with an Evaluation Reference Group comprised of Graca

Machel Trust Programme and Institutional leadership, the consultant(s) will develop an

appropriate evaluation design. This design should be informed by the political, economic and

organisational context of the Graça Machel Trust and its implementing networks and a review

of the existing organisational theory of change and other relevant documents. The design is

also to be informed by the evaluation purpose and evaluation questions, noting that

evaluation questions may be refined based on the inception meeting and context review. The

selection of an appropriate design will be at the discretion of the consultant(s), however

theory-based designs that allow for a robust assessment of GMT’s contribution to results are

preferred. Evaluation designs should also comply to fundamental quality criteria such as The

African Evaluation Guidelines, The Program Evaluation Standards and the those stipulated in

the OECD Development Assistance Committee. The consultants will also develop an

evaluation protocol including the methodological approach, sampling strategy and size, data

collection tools, processes, and analysis.

3.2 Implement the evaluation

The consultant(s) will gather data as stipulated in the evaluation protocol, including examining

relevant documents such as the Graca Machel Trust theory of change, results frameworks,

annual work plans, and internal and donor reports. The consultant(s) will also lead additional

data collection and analysis, ensuring the generated data quality and conclusions reached.

3.3 Review of evaluation results, reporting and use

In line with the principles of utilisation-focused evaluation, at key points during the evaluation

implementation, the consultant(s) will share results with the Evaluation Reference Group to

highlight preliminary findings. The consultant(s) may also be invited to share findings and

emerging learnings during staff gatherings. This will build the Group's evaluation capacity and

ensure that findings are relevant to the objectives of the assignment and contribute to the

Graça Machel Trust’s strategy design. The evaluation will culminate in a final report and an

infographic of key results and documentation of the evaluation process.


Roles and Responsibilities

GMT will provide the firm with the relevant information and working equipment to discharge its

duties. GMT will also support the consultant(s) to secure access to key informants. In the context of

the Covid-19 pandemic, the Graça Machel Trust does not anticipate any international travel, however

necessary local travel may be undertaken by the consultant(s). Otherwise, this will be a remote


Timelines and Deliverables

In line with the scope of this assignment, the successful candidate is expected to produce the following

specific deliverables:

  • Inception report including evaluation design and evaluation protocol
  • A repository and transcripts of data collected during the evaluation implementation
  • Analysis approach and method used
  • Presentation of preliminary findings mid-way through the assignment
  • Draft evaluation report
  • Final evaluation report
  • Infographic representation of key results and evaluation process

This assignment is anticipated to take 5 months, from Jan 2022 – June 2022. Estimated budget: USD

20,000 – 25,000.

Minimum requirements

The firm applying for this task should demonstrate:

o Significant experience, strong technical knowledge and established track record of the

different components of evaluation, including evaluation designs, data collection, quality

assurance and analysis. Experience conducting rapid evaluation is a plus.

o Sector experience in child rights, child protection, nutrition and women’s economic

empowerment is an advantage

o Demonstrate that team possesses the requisite educational background, knowledge, skills and

competencies needed to perform the responsibilities with


How to apply

Please send a company profile, client list of similar assignments completed, and a proposal outlining your methodology, budget timeliness and overall recommended approach to the following email address.