Sales Representative

at Key Recruitment
Location Durban, South Africa
Date Posted January 17, 2022
Category Sales
Job Type Full-Time


Job Description

Our client prides themselves in their processes and their reputation for quality.

Their Exceptional Team are motivated, dedicated, and committed. They aim to provide the user of their products with convenience and success and enjoy making sticky solutions that work.

They specialise in the quality of manufacture and supply of adhesives and allied products, and are looking for a Dynamic Sales Representative with experience in adhesives with the exciting opportunity to be part of their Team.



To sell, maintain in a manner that will optimise the company’s market share and savings, improve the company’s efficiency, help achieve the company’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer services.



The salespersons responsibilities involve sales, service, reporting, safety and maintenance, and other duties as assigned by management.



Sales involves assisting in establishing sales goals and developing and promoting a market plan, increasing sales products, product knowledge, pricing, products and services, maintaining the current market share, and assisting in developing competitive marketing strategies.


3.1 Assist in establishing sales goals.

3.1.1 Work with the division manager to establish monthly sales goals.

3.1.2 Work with the division manager to establish yearly objectives and sales goals.

3.1.3 Review Sales by customer weekly, and present report of finding to management in weekly meetings.


4.1 Assist in developing and promoting products.

4.2.1 Work with the division manager to develop a marketing plan.

4.2.2 Work with the Business Development Representative to assist in marketing and strategizing of products.


4.3 Increase sales of products

4.3.1 Maintain sales to customers in a manner, which will result in increased satisfaction.

4.3.2 Make sales calls on all potential customers in the trade area.

4.3.3 Assist the division manager in setting department goals and increasing sales of products.


4.4 Product knowledge

4.4.1 Know and use all resources necessary to make proper recommendations and applications of products sold.

4.4.2 Correctly identify the application, before advising the product and procedures.

4.4.3 Keep your resource manuals accessible and product information current.

4.4.4 Ensure no product problems result due to your recommendations.

4.4.5 Attend all product updates and service training sessions.

4.4.6 Coordinate regularly with Division Manager/ Technical Manager for technical sales assistance as needed.

4.4.7 Clear ALL major tenders with your division manager.


4.5 Pricing

4.5.1 Work closely with your division manager with quarterly price reviews for your customer.

4.5.2 Ensure your customer is presented with the price movements one calendar month prior to them changing unless instructed otherwise by management.

4.5.3 Ensure quotations requests are given to sales expeditor ensuring said quotations are accurately presented to client timeously.

4.5.4 Ensure company’s pricings and gross profit structures are maintained or communicated to management for approval beforehand.


4.6 Maintaining current market share

4.6.1 Keep a good customer supplier relationship.

4.6.2 Lose no customers due to careless performances.

4.6.3 Keep all customers supplied with product information, technical knowledge and total service assistance.


4.7 Assist in development competitive marketing strategies

4.7.1 Develop plans to counteract competition, with the division manager’s approval.



Services involves providing and promoting the added value services necessary to meet sales goals and objectives.


5.1 Inform all customers of safe product handling by furnished with the relevant product data sheets and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), ensuring that the client is informed of the product hazards. To arrange with your division manager if training is required.

5.2 Ensuring that the relevant operators are trained on the products used.

5.3 Develop and maintain a factory inspections/ call schedule with clients.

5.4 To make customers aware of the company testing facilities.

5.5 Lose no customer due to services provided by the sales division.



Reporting involves submitting all required sales reports to the Division Manager within the time listed below:


6.1 Submit a weekly report. Weekly reports should include the following:

6.1.1 Week’s goals and objectives achieved.

6.1.2 Customer Performances.

6.1.3 Performance

6.1.4 Next week’s goals and objectives.

6.1.5 Daily and future schedules are to be maintained on Outlook Calendar and tasks.


7. Remuneration: Basic between R 15K and R25K depending on experience with a car allowance and commission.

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