Irfaan Sathar

Ambitious, Goal Driven, People Person, Outgoing and Helpful
  1. Dear Hiring Manager:

I'm an individual whose passionate about employee relations and overall people, can work as a team player and someone who has the ability to function well under pressure by managing time effectively. My academic background specifically includes enhanced communication skills and leadership strengths which has equipped me thoroughly for this position.

Through my technical proficiencies and accomplishments thus far in subjects such as business management and leadership, business law, end user computing and business communication, it will allow me to make a positive impact to your HR department. This can be reached by engaging in workforce planning, dealing with recruitment and selection processes, designing and evaluating jobs, training of personnel, complying with labour legislation and completing other human resource functions. Furthermore with the knowledge that I have attained in end user computing, I will be able to create HR documents, maintain spreadsheets and analyse data on all four packages of Microsoft Office. Lastly I am easily motivated when it comes to interacting with people and with good interpersonal skills, understanding employees at every level of the organisation will be no challenge for me.

Thank you for your time and consideration
Sincerely yours,

Irfaan Sathar

Last Resume Update May 20, 2022
Address Durban, South Africa
Phone Number 0849538246

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